Winexpert Island Mist


6 L | 1.59 US gal
MAKES 23 L | 6 US gal
Bottle labels sold separately


On a quest to find a delicious, refreshing alternative to wine and coolers? You’ve arrived!

Winexpert Island MistTM is a fun and fruity wine beverage with the perfect balance of fresh, crisp and distinct wines bursting with full fruit flavour. 

Enjoy this unique & refreshing series of delicious blends that celebrates weekend adventures and everyday pleasures – it’s like being on vacation – anytime! With exciting flavours like citrus and berries, it’s a delectable flavour experience you’ll love to share with friends and family.

From this box to your bottle in just 4 weeks.

Red Wine

Black Cherry

Red berry and luscious black cherries.

Light Body, Sweet, 6%

Black Raspberry

Fresh picked black raspberries.

Light Body, Sweet, 6%


Succulent blackberry with a slightly tart zing.

Light Body, Sweet, 6%

Blood Orange Sangria

Sweet and citrusy notes of juicy blood orange and ripe peach blend with crisp apple undertones. 

Light Body, Sweet, 6%


Tangy and sweet blueberry featuring a cherry-spice flavour.

Light Body, Sweet, 6%


Intense fresh pomegranate, sweet balanced by a slight tartness. 

Light Body, Sweet, 6%

Raspberry Peach Sangria

Ripe red raspberry mix with juicy peach undertones. Fruity, refreshing, and easy drinking. 

Light Body, Sweet, 6%


Blueberry, strawberry, and blackberry with refreshing acidity. 

Light Body, Sweet, 6%

White Wine

Green Apple

Crisp green apple with pleasant tartness and a delicious juicy finish.

Light Body, Sweet, 6%

Peach Apricot

Delicious peach and apricot make an irresistibly refreshing delight.

Light Body, Sweet, 6%

Pineapple Pear

Juicy pear, and ripe pineapple. Firm acidity with juicy and refreshing finish. 

Light Body, Sweet, 6%

White Cranberry

Easy drinking, sweet and refreshing white cranberry.

Light Body, Sweet, 6%


Grapefruit Passion Rosé

Tangy grapefruit and the sweet citrusy essence of passion fruit unleash an exotic, well-balanced rosé.

Light Body, Sweet, 6%

Raspberry Dragon Fruit

Sweet dragon fruit is perfectly blended with tangy raspberry. 

Light Body, Sweet, 6%


Freshly picked ripe red strawberry aromas and flavours make a delicious sensation. 

Light Body, Sweet, 6%

Strawberry Watermelon

Candied strawberry and watermelon aromas, refreshing flavours of fresh cut strawberries and watermelon. 

Light Body, Sweet, 6%

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