Wedding & Events

Wedding & Events

Planning something special?

Lakeshore Artisan Wines is pleased to announce our Wedding and Special Events wine package.

This package is perfect for celebrating that One Special Day or commemorating special or personal events.

For one low price we offer a variety of wines and customizable labels with fonts to dress the wine up right.

But what do you get for that one price? Take a look!

Event Special vs Regular Kit

Event Special

Three Wine Kits – 3@ 78.59

Reduced Fees – 3@ 20.00

Corks – 12.00

Bottles (90) – 129.60

Labels (3 sets) – 48.46

Shrink Caps (3) – 10.77

HST (So Sorry) – 25.00

Total 530.52

Regular Kit

3 Kits Reg Price – 344.85

3 Reg Winery Fee – 93.00

3 Sets Corks – 12.00

90 New Bottles – 144.00

3 Sets Labels & Setup – 68.85

3 Sets Shrink Caps – 11.97

Taxes – 42.88

Total 717.55

That’s a savings of around $187.55! The total out the door price comes to just over $5.89 per bottle. We think that’s a very good deal.

You may now be wondering what your part is in this process. It’s actually quite simple. After selecting your wine varieties we walk you through an easy process to start things going. As the customer you must add the yeast and any other starter ingredients. After that the staff performs all other work. It’s all part of the price. If you’re uncertain about what types of wine to start ask us. We’ll help you make an informed choice based on the planned meal, your own preferences or current trends.

So other than a low price and wide selection what else do we offer? The answer is simple: Custom labels. Want colour? No problem! Pictures? No problem! Want to add a quote or personal line of text? We can do that! [Please note that pictures should be in Gif/Jpeg format] We also offer several stylish fonts to add a classic feel or an air of elegance.

Now what could top a deal like that? Shrink caps of course. Shrinks, as we call them, are the plastic sleeves that are heat sealed to the top of the bottle to dress it up one step further.

You can also upgrade a kit for only $30.00 per series!

We firmly believe that our Special Events Package can be the crowning jewel in your celebration. It’s our way
of celebrating the good times right along side you.


*Prices listed for reference only. See in store for full details.

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